2012-2013 Michigan Rainbow Itinerary

Date Event Name Location
July 20-25 Supreme Assembly Grand Rapids
August 3-5 Grandie Camp Midland
August 4 Alma Picnic Alma
August 25 Grand Worthy Advisor's Reception Alma
September 9 5F's  
September 16 OES/Grand Lodge Baseball Game Alma
October 6-7 Face Painting at Apple Charlies New Boston
October 6-7 State Master Councilor Reception  
October 9 Grand Chapter Battle Creek
October 13 GWA Fun Event - Barn Dance Mother Ambrose's
October 20 Deputies GOEX  
November 1-9 OES General Grand Chapter Ft. Worth, TX
November 3 Grand Masters Class GOEX Romeo
November 17 Team 3 Fun Event  
November 18 Youth Protection (New Advisors)  
December 1 Worthy Grand Matron/Patron Reception Bay City
December 9 Christmas Party with OES Counterparts  
January 6 Youth Protection (New Advisors)  
January 11-13 DeMolay Winterfest  
February 2 Diggin' with the Deputies  
February 16 Team 1 GOEX  
February 23 Job's Gr Guardian/Assoc. GG Reception Dearborn
March 16 Team 3 Grand Assembly Announcement & OES Counterpart Day Roseville
April 6 Team 1 Fun Event  
April 13 State Dad's GOEX  
April 26-28 Seminar at Howell Nature left Howell
May 4 Proficiency GOEX  
May 11 Grand Bethel Honored Queen Reception Flat Rock
May 18 Team 2 Mother's Day Event  
May 20-21 Grand Lodge  
June 1 Team 2 Fun Event  
June 26-30 Grand Assembly Alma
July 11-14 Job's Grand Session